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mrnelson007 asked: Top five reasons we should read your new book!


Oho! An opportunity to self-aggrandize and advertise Dynamite Radical: This Is Where You Start, available at all finer booksellers??? AWESOME.

5. Because we need more upbeat superhero stories, seriously.

4. Because I based the main character’s magical girl outfit off the Sixth Doctor.

3. Because I’m trying to hit that sort of kids-but-also-adults thing that Adventure Time and Gravity Falls do so well.

2. Because did you see that cover (with art commissioned from pastayes)?

1. Because DINOSAURS.

Round #1 Results!


Alright, everyone. Thank you for voting! The votes have been counted.

It was actually really close - everyone was within one or two votes of each other, and 1st/2nd/3rd were each only one vote away from the one above! Good job everyone!

The consensus from my question was to stick to the top three, so that’s what we’re going to do.

3rd place: #3, Silence, by rubidium-riesling

2nd place: #7, Untitled by nicaless

And the winner of the first round of Prompt Service is…

1st place: #2, De Profundis by creepingmonsterism, who wins a gift card to the store of his choice and gets to choose the prompt for week 3.

Congratulations to our winners once again!

Thanks to everyone who participated in Round 1, and congratulations to our top three!

If the Wonder Twins worked together, could they form a Sharknado?


Hyrule Warriors just makes me want Persona Warriors. It would work so well. Armies of shadows, red shadow Generals and Outpost Captains, Persona attacks as special moves, and a selection of awesome characters to play as from across all four games. 

I didn’t know I wanted this until now.



Hello writers and readers!

Just a reminder: voting is open for prompt #1 through Sunday at 6pm. Please go ahead and submit your favorites!

Prompt #2 is due on Wednesday 9/24.

Prompt #3 will be up on Monday, as usual.

Just reblogging this to remind everyone. Don’t forget to vote!


When someone says video games aren’t art, just remember that, in 1915, film was declared by the Supreme Court to be a business, not an art form, and that this wasn’t overturned until 1952.

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